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Saturn is a disciplinarian, the planet that likes to take us to task. So you're at the Jupiter Portal Party, having fun and then you spy Saturn over in the corner: Shit, already?

She'd forgotten he was even coming back. Transit Pluto Conjunct Saturn This will be an extremely important time for you and will have both positive and difficult effects. Goals, goals, goals! You may be obsessed with success to a detriment, and your Saturn Return will remind you that the end does not always justify the means. December 19, Saturn enters Capricorn until March 23, when it enters Aquarius for four months until July 2, Your Zodiac symbol, the [Mountain] Goat always find secure ground to work from. The Saturn return hits in the late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s.

Saturn symbolizes the course of time and patience, tradition, and experience. Saturn in Capricorn.

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For more on the mythology of Saturn, explore Mythology. Saturn Signs help us mature. On Monday, April 29th, Saturn will station retrograde at 20'31 degrees of its home sign of Capricorn. Saturn in Aquarius Personality. But my daughter disappeared from my life during the second return and refused communication since. Saturn is all about learning one's limits and the emphasizing of borders. Saturn Return Start and End Dates Ok, dummy me thought, I had my return from on first in libra sun and then in scorpio asc , because that were one of most hard years in my life.

This sensation continues until the soul feels bound to a new physical body, which allows it to return once more to the painful school of life, in order to continue its ascent through the spiral of life. In the beginning, Enki was the main supreme being of the metropolis of Eridu. Saturn returned to Capricorn where it was when I was born in December.

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Return Saturn conjunct Return 2nd House Strength: 3. Using myself as an example, my Moon is conjunct Saturn, and both are in Capricorn. Thanks for the link. Doing the work of Saturn return in Scorpio involves facing and working through our issues around fear and power, and because it's Saturn, the best way to do it is through embracing structure. Love has a rosy glow at the start of a new romance. Just like how you've outlined how a Sag Moon might experience a Saturn transit, what I'm really interested in is how the natal condition of Saturn impacts our experience of its transit.

If you were born with Saturn in Capricorn, the issues during your Saturn Return will be about making it in the world. Then, on December 16, , it will complete its tour of Capricorn, not to return for nearly 30 years. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma. Authority issues raise their ugly heads and some folks find themselves backed into a corner, forced to explain themselves when they come under attack by bosses, coworkers, teachers or parents.

This article investigates the time of life when the current position of Saturn exactly corresponds to the placement of Saturn in the birthchart. One of the fascinating things about the start of from an astrological viewpoint, is that we have three planets all located in their home zones, in the guise of Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn.

I am thinking about letting my hair go grey. If you're age , you're going through your second Saturn Return, your second chance to get it right. For our first Saturn return is a time when we can begin to build the foundations of our life.

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Saturn return is another name for the Saturn conjunct Saturn transit. Saturn is the natural ruler of the Capricorn sign so it seems to be right at home in this natal chart occurrence. A Saturn transit to the 1st house of the physical body can bring pains and complications to the skeletal system or bones.

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  4. This is perfect for the pragmatic and career-driven Capricorn!. The areas of life that are affected by this cycle are places where you already feel a sense of challenge, as you learn to face your fears and insecurities. From ancient times, Saturn has been known as the planet of karma.

    Saturn in Capricorn With Saturn in Capricorn the planet lies in the last and most mature of the Earth signs. Like Mercury retrograde, Saturn return is one of the astrological events that looms largest in our cultural imagination. In fact, I think this Rising sign barely even feels it.

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    His Saturn, ruler of his Capricorn Ascendant how he needs to be seen, which is as an executive authority will be eclipsed next February, suggesting a change of status, for better or for worse. Capricorn and Aquarius correspond to the depths of winter, when life is inclined towards hibernation and activities are impeded by the cold, dark environment.

    When Saturn goes direct on Wednesday, September 18th, we can put what we've learned into practice and reap our potential rewards. We has such an illuminating discussion on the current station retrogrades of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and their significance in our personal lives as well as in the collective unconscious. December 19, , Saturn entered Capricorn where it will remain until March 23, Think about a teacher returning to the classroom after leaving you for a while - or the boss coming back into the office after a long holiday.

    I think that, to my surprise, I am pretty saturnian myself. In this Saturn in Capricorn era, Saturn will form a series of significant aspects. And sometimes they could forget that. What is the Saturn Return all about, with a focus on Saturn in Capricorn. For me this has been through yoga and journalling, and recently, through eating what my body really wants to eat no processed crap, no grains.

    When people are ill-prepared for their Saturn Return period, it is often a very humbling experience. The Berlin wall fall in This explains why the Saturn return is often experienced as a particularly crucial time in several different areas of life. Saturn is coming home. Transiting Pluto is approaching my Saturn in 24 Capricorn, and at the same time transiting Saturn is doing the same. I'm looking forward to some testimonials. See more ideas about Finger tattoos, Mini tattoos and Space tattoos.

    Divination Arts. I aspire only to inspire. Order a Relationship Compatibility Report. The trouble is that Capricorns can get so caught up in climbing the ladder that they neglect their relationships. June 19 - July 17th: Saturn retrograde conjunct South Node opposition North Node by Jean Wiley June 13, This cycle requires the awareness of fear themes, how you have been conditioned through media and society, and to then bring love and healing to this awareness. In fact, the highest expression of Capricorn is the bodhisattva. It is one of the most important transits in astrology and an important milestone in life.

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    Posted on August 11, by Elsa. I have Saturn in Capricorn natally in the 3rd house at 4. So, for example, if your natal Saturn is in Virgo, then your Saturn return occurred between September 2, and July 21, For Saturn in the 7th house, a relationship needs to have goals and there is a need to feel safe and secure in a partnership. Because the Saturn Return is a period that requires solitude and introspection, many people experience being single -- or temporarily separated from their partner -- during their Saturn Return.

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    Last December, Saturn moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn, where it will stay until If they are a Taurus then they read up about Taurean personality traits and check their Taurus horoscope, but that is often about as far as it goes. Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn is a time for learning hard-learned lessons so that we can become better people.

    Capricorn Season is upon us once again, bringing with it an opportunity to return to the light. Really great analogy with the pacifier. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius and is strongly exalted in Libra.